Image of Risograph Print 'Descent'

Risograph Print 'Descent'


4-Colour Risograph Print, 30 x 40 cm. A small Edition of 15 Prints of ‚Descent‘ (30x40 cm, 2019) is in the world for pleasure. Risographed on angelesque Munkenpaper Print Cream.

The Picture was originally made for a Club Event in Leipzig. I got a little bit into Giotto’s and Duccio’s devoted figures from the 13th Century and their beautiful gestures and later decided to put them in a setting together with the some of the 'Meisterhäuser' by Bauhaus Architects.

Available as Print and also one single framed Version.
The framed version includes a high-quality oak wood frame and glass.

Image of Risograph Print 'Descent'
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